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Past Achievements

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We have compiled a list of our past achievements, including event appearances, PR activities, and other accomplishments. Even if there are no recent examples, if you are interested in “ZERO-UCHI Restart,” please feel free to contact us for more information.

Event Achievements

Venue: Miyashita Park
Date: 2022/10/16

Description: We performed as the main act at an official offline event for TikTok creators.

Venue: Google Inc.
Date: 2022/10/25

Description: Appeared as the opening act at a networking event organized by Google for engineers. We also held a session teaching ‘Wotagei’ to the participants.

Venue: Asakusa Hanayashiki *Streaming Event
Date: 2023/2/25

Description: Performed as the opening act at a streaming FES that combines award ceremonies of the online-only contest “MODECON” with live streaming.

Venue: Yamazaki Hachiman Shrine
Date: 2023/9/9

Description: Participated in the annual summer festival rooted in the local community. Performed ‘Wotagei’ wearing traditional work clothes.

Venue: AEON Mall Hinode
Date: November 16, 2023

Performed a live performance in a commercial facility during the daytime. Shoppers from all directions, including the atrium, stopped to watch.

Educational Institution

Venue: Chuo Hayamakanamori Nursery School
Date: October 2023

Surprise Visit to the Nursery School Sports Day. In addition to a solo performance, I practiced in advance and performed ‘Wotagei’ along with 8 nursery school teachers. It was a bright day, but cheers erupted due to the intense movements.

Venue: Jiyu Gakuen High School *Image added
Date: December 2023

Visited a high school in Saitama Prefecture and organized a special event after school. In addition to performing a performance, I also conducted ‘Wotagei’ lessons for those interested.

Venue: Tokyo Institute of Technology
Date: October 29, 2023

Participated in the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s campus festival, known as “Kodai Festival 2023.” The enthusiasm of the cultural festival combined with the energy of ‘Wotagei,’ creating an exciting atmosphere in the venue.

Street Live Performance

Venue: Hibiya OKUROJI Dates: August 26, 2023, and December 2, 2023

Performed street live shows at Hibiya OKUROJI, an elevated area managed by JR East Japan with a concentration of upscale dining establishments. These performances brought lively entertainment to the adult audience in this unique setting. You can find more information about Hibiya OKUROJI on their official website: Hibiya OKUROJI Official Website

Venue: Totsuka Station Date: January 20, 2024
We held a street live performance at Totsuka Station.

Self-organized Events

Dates: July 22, 2023, October 21, 2023, January 28, 2024

Organized free live concerts to promote live performances. Energized the floor with numerous restaurants and eateries.

PR Achievements

Platform: TikTok

Created a video with an original song highlighting the appeal of the service. This included featuring the video on large OOH (Out of Home) displays and creating a collaborative video with other creators.

Platform: YouTube Shorts

Created a video with an original song highlighting the appeal of the service. Additionally, an original playlist for “ヲタ芸” (Wotagei) enthusiasts was published on the Amazon Music official website. Furthermore, OOH (Out of Home) advertising was carried out in major cities.


アイドルに続くアイドル曲、#ドル活 見つけたんだけど、ヲタ芸との相性良すぎない?? #ナナヲアカリ #推し活 #pr

♬ Give me iine dorukatsu days – NANAOAKARI

Platform: TikTok

Created choreography that retained the essence of “ヲタクらしさ” (Wotaku-like style).

Platform: TikTok/YouTube Shorts

Maintained the world of “Chainsaw Man” while paying attention to details in costumes and other aspects during filming.

Platform: TikTok

Created choreography paying homage to the movements of anime characters, presented alongside the original footage for comparison.

Other Achievements

Platform: Blinky (VR Video Exclusive Platform)
Video: Link

Collaboratively produced with Alpha Code Co., Ltd., we created the world’s first Wotagei x VR video. The video garnered positive reactions for its immersive experience, setting it apart from traditional platforms.

We collaborated with the Dance Association, a general incorporated association, to organize surprise performances at various offline events. We also created opportunities for collaboration with the association’s children, involving them in zero dancing performances. Our primary focus was to entertain the children, and we conducted a wide range of activities across various platforms, including offline events, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts.

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